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Fetal Monitor


Avalon FM fetal and maternal monitors automated coincidence detection (cross-channel verification) using Smart Pulse, measuring fetal & maternal heart rates separately to enhance diagnostic confidence.
Monitor screen display
  • 6.5 in/16.51 cm
Touchscreen operation
  • Standard
External fetal parameters
  • US/Toco
Twin capability
  • Standard
Triplets capability
  • Optional
Internal fetal parameters
Smart Pulse technology
  • Standard
Cross channel verification
  • Standard
Fetal movement profile
  • Standard
NST timer
  • Standard
NST trace interpretation (optional)
  • Up to three Fetal Heart Rates (FHR)
Operating time (optional)
  • Up to four hr
Weight without battery option
  • 11.2 pounds/5.1 kg
Weight with battery option
  • 11.7 pounds/5.3 kg
Care stage
  • Intrapartum
Patient type
  • Fetal and maternal
Not for diagnostic use
PS/2 interfaces
  • Optional
System interface (optional)
  • Serial, LAN
Data buffer
  • Up to one hr


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