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The Medical Illumination System Two LED Surgical Lights offer state-of-the-art operating room lighting at a tremendous value.

  • LED surgical lights with bright, accurate light available in a wide variety of configurations
  • Each LED light head produces 130,000 lux output at 39.4″ (1-meter distance)
  • 4,300° Kelvin color temperature
  • 50,000-hour rated LED light life
  • Fully adjustable light pattern from 9″ to 13″ with minimal reduction of illuminated brightness
  • Five-stage light dimming via the removable sterilizable handle
  • Cross Focus Technology: Both the inner and outer rings of LEDs can be cross-focused to each other by simply rotating the handle, adjusting the light pattern for the very best shadow control without moving the light head
  • Each LED features its own uniquely focused front refracting diffuser lens that individually redirects each beam into a single, coherent, even light field
  • Mode for minimally evasive surgery
  • High efficiency LED lights with half the electric consumption of standard halogen lights
  • Virtually zero heat generation and low energy consumption
  • Ability to control all light functions within the sterile field
  • Excellent shadow control, even with just a single light head
  • Suspension arms are precision-balanced and articulated to allow the greatest reach and range of positioning with surprising ease
  • Exceptional value compared to other lighting systems with similar features
  • The System Two surgical light comes in single, dual, and triple mounts with one, two, or three light heads or accessory options
  • Single, dual, and triple mounts provide tremendous flexibility in how you equip your operating room
  • With its sleek, streamlined profile the light head still produces amazingly brilliant output and remarkable shadow reduction, so you can visualize the site under the most optimal conditions possible
  • Ambient light (minimally-invasive) mode is achieved with just a few presses on the control handle button
  • Optional high-definition video camera and monitor give you expanded video-assist capabilities
  • Optional touchscreen wall control provides easy remote management of lighting features
  • Optional battery backup kit ensures short-term power
  • Three (3) year limited warranty (excluding normal replacement parts, such as bulbs, LED’s, sterilizable handles, etc.)


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